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15 Smart Quotes to Improve Your Programming Skills

How do you get bet­ter as a pro­gram­mer? By learn­ing, read­ing and most impor­tant­ly, by pro­gram­ming. Um, yes that was obvi­ous. You improve by spend­ing hours in front of your com­put­er and hit­ting those keys while expe­ri­enc­ing a men­tal roller coast­er that takes you from…

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“Programmers working with high-level languages achieve better productivity and quality than those working with lower-level languages.” - Steve McConnell

12 Classic Steve McConnell Quotes to Make You a Better Programmer

Code Com­plete – you might have heard of this book. The name is almost every­where on the Inter­net. Both Joel Spol­sky and Jeff Atwood, the founders of Stack­Over­flow, rec­om­mend it to all pro­gram­mers as well. So do thou­sands of oth­er pro­gram­mers – that’s because the…