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Howdy, Amigo?

Welcome to CodeBlot — The Computer Science Blog.

Code­Blot is for those who want com­put­er sci­ence to be cool­er and eas­i­er and wish to pur­sue their careers in it.

What we do

The immen­si­ty of com­put­er sci­ence indus­try is enough to puz­zle any­one — that’s where our role starts.

We bridge the gap between skills and ideas by cre­at­ing an influ­ence with our work, suf­fice for the guid­ance that isn’t giv­en to any begin­ner, and lead them by straight­en­ing out the issues which most stu­dents and peo­ple in the indus­try face.

Sounds a bit philo­soph­i­cal, right? We know. Read on.

Our Mission

Every­one is lost here.

Com­put­er Sci­ence is full of novices with under­de­vel­oped skills. So is it their fault? We don’t believe so.

Through Code­Blot, we try to break the bar­ri­ers which our folks face, and strive to sim­pli­fy the process­es of learn­ing and work­ing for them.

Our mis­sion is to per­fect all the greats and mis­fits by lead­ing them towards a clar­i­ty and assist­ing them to reach where they want to be.

We don’t post tuto­ri­als or teach lan­guages. Some good peo­ple out there do those things a lot bet­ter than we can, so we leave this job to them.

Are we experts?

To be hon­est, no. We’re much like a com­mu­ni­ty rather than some genius­es dressed in tuxe­dos.

But we’re try­ing our best to bring all the use­ful stuff to our read­ers and give them what they deserve.

Most of our con­clu­sions are based on obser­va­tions of oth­ers’ their expe­ri­ences, which we think is equiv­a­lent to any oth­er kind of infor­ma­tion which can actu­al­ly bring a change.

Our task includes spec­u­lat­ing the ground of com­put­er sci­ence and pro­vid­ing our read­ers with some play­ful meth­ods, so that they can be already pre­pared to imple­ment their ideas in the real world.

It’s our attempt to put a dent in the uni­verse or chang­ing the world, what­ev­er you call it. This moti­va­tion dri­ves each action here at Code­Blot.

What have we got for you?

That’s a smart ques­tion. Although we wish that we were a San­ta Claus who could give you every­thing, we aren’t.

But hey, we have a lot for you.

We sweat on research­ing plans and meth­ods that serve you in being pro­duc­tive and skill­ful. You’ll be less con­fused, decrease mak­ing mis­takes and get bet­ter at what you do in our com­pa­ny. Take our word for that.

Our empha­sis is on giv­ing your work a man­aged struc­ture, orga­niz­ing your efforts that often get wast­ed and giv­ing a direc­tion to your curios­i­ty.

The good part? We know how to do that.

Your next step

Come, Wat­son, come!” he cried. The game is afoot.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, Sher­lock Holmes.

We hope that you’ve known us pret­ty well.

Would you like to get in touch with us? We hear you say “yes!”. Ah, that’s the enthu­si­asm we expect.

Let’s be friends. Stay with us and join our jour­ney — for the good of the com­put­er sci­ence com­mu­ni­ty.

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